About Muller

Forest Based Carbon Credit Developer

Muller Karbon Kapital Indonesia (Muller) is established to lead in empowering nature sustainability and preventing climate change for a better ecosystem through carbon credits.

We are a forest based carbon credit developer and are committed to implementing emission reduction. We do this raising efforts in reducing the greenhouse effects, through developing forest based carbon credit projects.

To achieve this goal, we work closely with the Indonesian stakeholders and other partners to explore and promote the nation's potentials to reduce global greenhouse effects. Together, we can contribute to achieve world's environmental sustainability goals.

What We Do
Empowering Mutual Synergy
We work with communities, parties, and concession right holders in conserving and protecting forests and environment. This synergy lays foundation for tackling climate change impacts and global warming.
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Answering Emission
and Environmental Challenges
We work with communities, parties, and concession right holders in conserving and protecting forests and environment. This synergy lays foundation for tackling climate change impacts and global warming.
Technology Innovation
We develop innovations in technology to have a robust data verification and monitoring system to help us conserve nature and its biodiversity.
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Bussines Overview
Nature-based climate change solutions, also known as "natural climate solutions," includes conserving, restoring, and better managing ecosystems to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. These ecosystems mitigate climate change by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in plants, soils, and sediments. Muller takes the lead in developing these solutions in Indonesia in business processes as follows.
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Carbon Project Mandate

We uphold the fundamental mandate to elevate communities' welfare in carbon project areas. The video highlights activities conducted throughout 2022 as we initiated contacts and maintain synergy with communities in Aru Islands Regency, Maluku Province.

Our projects

Forest Based Carbon Credit

Learn more about where Muller works in various locations in Indonesia to develop nature-based climate change projects in sustainable practices with local governments and communities.
Rolled out

Talisan Seram Project

Land area
54,750 hectares
SRN registry
Verra registry
This project consists of mineral forest areas in Maluku Province and is concluding adjustments in business and legal aspects.

Ecosystem Synergy

Right-To-Buy Carbon Credit

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Integration With ROXI

ROXI is a blockchain-based tech company that provides access to verified carbon credits. As our sister company, ROXI will mint $ROXI; a digital coupon that serves as Right-To-Buy. The innovation enables anyone to buy carbon credits developed by Muller with best prices. ROXI also allows individuals to acquire possible financial gain from $ROXI as asset-backed utility token.
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Our figures


President Commissioner

Johanes Bambang Kendarto

President Commissioner

Doni Monardo


Rudi Poespoprodjo

VP Carbon Project Development

Dedra Arsyad

VP Carbon Project Development


Sustainable Forest & Carbon Project - Manager

Adrian Allo

Sustainable Forest & Carbon Project - Manager
Melchor's Forestry and Conservation Expert

Dr. Ir. Siti Maimunah, S.Hut.,M.P., IPU, ASEAN Eng

Melchor's Forestry and Conservation Expert


Frequently asked questions related to carbon projects and carbon removal.
Nature-based solutions are actions, policies and ideas that work with the environment and ecosystems to solve a range of problems and challenges. They can range from mangrove restoration to protect coastlines from storm surges, to major greening infrastructure projects that can build cities that are more liveable through heatwaves and reforestation to reduce the levels CO2 in our atmosphere.
With references from United Nations Environment Programme/UNEP and World Bank

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